A Day In The Life of a Poppyseeder


Jump in the gym corner. Cook in the kitchen. Play with the dolls. Drive a new car. Discover a new book. Build & connect the train tracks. Say “hi” to familiar faces and friends, Poppyseed is your place.


Pull out the drums. Shake the maracas. Listen to the strum of the guitar. Learn new rhythms, sing your heart out with Bingo and the animals on Ole’ McDonald’s farm. All Poppyseeders gathered round!

Snack & Story

Take a break with a Poppyseed biscuit (and some tea too for grown-ups). See what the Brown Bear sees, learn the alphabet with new pictures and words, find out what George was so curious about, and why that pigeon can’t drive the bus. Listen. Munch. Imagine.


Which color to choose next? Dip and dot your fingers, mold homemade play-dough with gadgets and shapers, decorate with jewels, glitter, textured fabrics and sponges, too. Finger-paint your own masterpiece, craft a kalaidoscope, bundle cotton balls to feel the bunny's belly!


 Play that funky music baby! From Chopin to Beyoncé, from pop to salsa, we play every genre on the map. Grab a scarf and bells, shake out those shakers, and everyone boogie down in our teacher-led dance circle! Move to the music, express yourself, and become confident doing it!


As dance time comes to a close, we gather close for our special, heartfelt, Poppyseed good-bye ritual. Hold hands as we say adieu to eachother, and sing a special song with everyone’s name as we make our way around the circle. Smile. Hug. Wave. And - see you later alligator!


©2018 by Poppyseed Pre-Nursery