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Poppyseed Was One Of The First Pre-Pre-School Programs In The City.  After 20 Years, It Remains A Haven For Music, Art, And Bonding For The Under-Three Set

Annie Young--Toddler Central, New York Family Magazine.

When [my daughter] shows up, and when she looks at Miss Lily, she is among the happiest I've seen her. This woman doesn't know how awesome she is, but she lifts everybody up...she's like a bright beacon...

Hoda Kotb, on teacher Miss Lilly

Children explore the sensory world of art with pleasure and spontaneity, developing imagination and creativity through brush and finger painting, collage-making, clay and play-dough, water play and cooking. Special mini-gym equipped with Magic Mountain, trampoline, ball pit, balance beam, slide, seesaw and parachute offers a healthy environment for developing self confidence. A professional, highly-educated staff helps children learn at their own pace in a perfect setting for each child's growth.

Parent Guide News

This program was perfect for my 2 year old...The teacher is incredible and always beaming with (genuine happiness) and has great energy. My daughter loved it. I have been to tons of classes with her since birth (music, gymboree...) and this is the first class that she seemed truly into...Totally recommend Poppyseed. It's the best kept secret of the Upper West Side. Wish my daughter's preschool was half as good...

Parent via Saavy Source

Poppyseed has an exceptional baby and toddler program likely the best in the city or the nation as I know it because of its operational philosophy, unlike any other numerous and countless programs I have studied or experienced.

Poppyseed allowed kids to fully explore themselves and become inquisitive and inspired at their own pace with guidance. I highly recommend this program. My son has benefited from it immensely in his formative years. 

Helen J. Qiu, Columbia University 

Both my kids went to Poppyseed ... loved loved loved!!!! We'd been to many alternates but nothing even came close to Poppyseed.

 Rita, via FTUWS Moms

[We attended] Poppyseed based on the recommendation of 

a friend that did Poppyseed with her two daughters. I CAN'T EVEN GO ON 


We have done it all: JCC swim, Hands On, Little Maestros, Gymboree, etc In our experience, there has been nothing like Poppyseed. Gail is wonderful and Miss Lilly - truly amazing. My daughter LOVES IT. I cannot recommend it enough.

Joelle, via FTUWS Moms

Lilly is simply the best.

Andrea, via FTUWS Moms

We LOVED Poppyseed! Both of my kids did it and it was excellent ... Miss Lilly is amazing!

Eja, via FTUWS Moms

We LOVED Poppyseed! We did it with both children and they loved it. The difference with a normal class is that they have almost 2 hours there so they can really "own the place." Miss Lilly is amazing as well! Even now, when we walk past it, they both shout out 'Poppyseed!' and my older one is four!

Mati, via FTUWS Moms

It's such a warm, supportive environment that nurtures the children and allows them to explore and learn at a pace that is correct for them. I've seen tremendous emotional and social growth in my son since he started ... absolutely love it!

Meredith, via FTUWS Moms

 I met some delightful people and still stay in touch with many of the moms. Lilly is the best teacher and the perfect introduction to a pre nursery school experience.  My daughter still asks to go to Poppyseed!

Tara, via FTUWS Moms

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